Welcome to my site! I am a Unity minister and host of the weekly radio show World Spirituality. You will find numerous podcasts of my Sunday messages as well as links to my radio shows. Check out my blog for my latest thoughts and insights.

The images above feature photographs I have taken during my travels.


Paul John Roach is a native of Wales, UK. A graduate of Jesus College, Oxford University, he has BA and MA degrees in English and a postgraduate degree in Education from the University of Wales. Paul has been the minister at Unity of Fort Worth since 1988 after ordination from Unity Ministerial School in Kansas City, Missouri. Paul has traveled extensively throughout the world including extended stays in India and Nepal.

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Radio Show

In World Spirituality, exploring the unity within all cultures and faith traditions, Paul John Roach a lifelong student and practitioner of many world spiritual teachings, guides us through the variety and differences, to the unity and common values shared by all the great religions. Come journey planet earth’s spiritual landscape with insight, humor and practical advice for a safe yet adventurous trip.

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Weekly Messages

These messages represent a spectrum of ideas presented throughout the year at Unity Fort Worth. They are designed to be relevant, often humorous, and thought provoking. As a student of world religions and someone drawn to the mystical path you will find references from many wisdom traditions and, as a lover of music, there are references to the wisdom found in rock-n-roll lyrics as well. Listen to a re-broadcast of the sermon Sun. at 9:00pm CST on KFTW975.org

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Luminous Lyrics Paul John Roach

Luminious Lyrics

Realization, full awakening, nirvana, are not final states achieved after a long and rigorous journey of spiritual exploration. They are ever present realities. Spiritual endeavor is not about perfecting our human understanding or reaching a place called heaven. Heaven, wholeness, joy, are either here, now, or nowhere, because there is only the now. Everything else

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Empowered Aging

Aging is inevitable, our approach to it is not. We all hope to live and die with dignity and embody the idea of growing old with grace. Circumstances can make this difficult but we always have a choice in how to view and interpret these circumstances. I watched my mother age prematurely as she spent

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