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Leaks from my garden

Unique Like Everyone Else

I’m off to Australia this coming week so the next few blogs will take the form of a travelog through the beautiful states of New South Wales and Victoria. Wendy and I are traveling with other family members to attend the wedding of our niece Laura and her fiance Anthony in Melbourne. We’ll also be

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The Door

I have just returned from Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village in Kansas City where I serve on the Board of Trustees. I remember the first time I came to the Village over 30 years ago. It was about the same time of year and the skies were intensely blue, the air crisp like they

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Today I am sharing a poem that I wrote about our inherent oneness. God, Divine Presence, The Universe, whatever we name it, does not perceive separation or give any evidence that creation is divided into “them and us.” On the contrary, everything is connected, a part of the flow and integral to the whole. This

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Staying Creative

As I write this blog I’m watching the cedar waxwings cascade around shrubs in my backyard as they feast on berries. Sometimes they get intoxicated on the fermented fruit and put on wild displays. Their plumage is so smooth and beautiful that it looks like it has been painted on, and their sulfur yellow tail

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